Home Automation: Building for the Future

Cartoon families like the Jetsons live in robotic homes. Everything from the shower to the bed is automated. While this may seem make-believe, home automation is quickly becoming more popular in the real world. Robotic electronics and home automation is the future of real estate. There are three ways in which home automation is commonly used: as a time reducer, entertainment, and security.

Home Automation to Save Time
One of the main ways in which home automation is used is to save time and energy. Homes can now be programmed, for instance, to make coffee every morning before you awaken. Lights, televisions, and showers can be turned on during specific times of the day to prepare for your arrival. Many typical, middle class homes already incorporate some elements of home automation. Programmable thermostats and ovens include some of the more common features. They save the homeowner time and energy.

Home Automated Entertainment
Automated entertainment features can be a bit more costly. Today, most homes with automated entertainment elements are high-end homes. In the future, however, more and more everyday houses will include these amenities. Entertainment features include televisions that rise up from the kitchen counter or flip around on the bar. Homes also include built-in stereo systems that can detect which room of the house people are congregating and play music in those specific rooms.

Home Automated Security
Security is increasingly becoming important in new home construction. Home automation can be expanded to include security and safety elements as well. Certain systems allow you to monitor your house from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Each time a visitor rings the doorbell, for example, a photo is taken. These are sent to you by email. You can also set up your automation to allow individual people to enter your home, or certain rooms of the house. They are not able to access any room you have not given them permission to see.

Right now home automation sounds extremely high tech and out of reach. Just like cellular phones and MP3 players, however, home automation is the construction of the future. One day all homes will include automated features.