Getting Ready For Winter by Insulating Your Attic

As the winter months are fast approaching, homeowners are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their home is ready to handle the cold weather that is on its way. Some homeowners will be getting new windows or having their chimney repaired in order to keep the draft out. Another often cited home improvement project during this time of the year is insulating the attic. Doing so will help to keep the house warmer during the cold winter months and save money on electric bills. There are a few steps which you should take if you find that insulating the attic is a step in the right direction with regard to winter preparations.

Determine Who Is Going to Do the Job

The first step in the attic insulation project is to determine who will be completing the job. If the job is small or the homeowner is knowledgeable in this area of home repair, doing the job oneself is a viable option. Not only will the individual be able to schedule the attic insulation in accordance with their desired timeline but they will also save money by doing the job on their own. On the other hand, if the attic is large and the homeowner may not be as well versed in attic insulation projects as they should be then obtaining the services of a licensed workman might be the best bet.

Determine the Approximate Cost of the Home Improvement Project

Prior to setting out to insulate your attic, whether you are going to do so on your own or have a contractor take care of it for you, it is important to consider the cost. Although it is hard to get a concrete number with regard to the cost of any home improvement project, it is always possible to obtain a ballpark figure. This will help the homeowner to determine if they can pay for the job on their own or if they need to obtain a home improvement loan in order to do so. Consider the cost of material and labor plus any incidentals which may arise during the job.

Obtain an Estimate on Time of Completion

Another important factor to consider when embarking on an attic insulation job revolves around the time of completion. You want to find out not only how long the job itself is going to take but when the contractor can begin work, if someone is being hired to do the attic insulation. When factoring in the time of completion, it is wise to consider delays such as holidays, contractor delays and material delays. Always keep in mind that many home improvement jobs will not be completed on time as delays are almost inevitable. Therefore, it is a good idea to start the insulation job in the warmer months so that it will not be too late when cold weather arrives and the attic has yet to be insulated.

Insulating One’s Attic Has Many Benefits

It is important to consider insulating one’s attic for a few different reasons. First, engaging in attic insulation will help you as a homeowner to save money on electric bills. If an attic is not properly insulated, more cold air will get into the home thereby forcing you to turn up the heat more frequently. Secondly, insulating the attic will help to keep out critters which are not welcome in the home. An attic which has cracks, crevices and lets in a good amount of air will also be an invitation for bats, squirrels, mice and other unwelcome houseguests. Lastly, an insulated attic is one which will keep the overall house toasty and warm which benefits the whole family.