Custom Storage and Closet solutions

Homes seem to get larger and larger with each generation. Whether this is because families have more income to spend or simply want it to appear as if they have more money is unclear. One thing is for certain: People have a lot more stuff than in past years. With an increase in the amount of belongings, there is an increase in the need for storage. There is a reason the fastest growing real estate market in the USA is storage space. Instead of spending money each month storing your belongings, it is more cost effective to store your things at home. The closet is the perfect place to begin. There are many ways you can transform your closet into a custom storage unit.

Do-it-Yourself Closet Organization
Closet organization doesn’t have to be elaborate. There are some simple things you can do for almost no money out of pocket. You can use clothes baskets for sweatshirts, tee-shirts, or sweater storage at the bottom of your closet. In fact, it looks quite nice if you have three matching baskets. You can also transform small cardboard boxes into underwear, sock, or belt containers. Simply cut the box to the desired height. Then, take attractive wrapping paper or wallpaper and cover the box. These fit nicely on an upper closet shelf. Placing hooks around your closet is also helpful. Hooks can house belts, neckties, necklaces, and specific outfits you have chosen for the next day.

Purchase Organizers
After homemade, do-it-yourself closet organization, you could move on to organizers. Some people simply need more storage assistance. Organizers can be purchased for accessories, shoes, socks, sweaters, and jeans. Shoe racks can be designed to hang on the back of a door to save space. You can also purchase hanging organizers equipped with small compartments. You can use these for just about anything: socks, tee-shirts, or even shoes. If you still need more storage space, a rod can be purchased for extra hanging room. Many people use this rod to hang dress pants or jeans.

Custom Closets
If simple organizers aren’t enough, you can move to the next level. Custom closets and closet organizers can be designed and purchased to fit your specific needs. You can design an entire closet to include drawers, hanging space, compartments, and shelving. Many companies can produce closet units to fit your space within a half inch. These custom designs are pricey, but they are the ultimate storage solution.

Storage is like everything else. You can add simple elements to your already established closet, or you can purchase a big elaborate storage unit. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or something more complex , there is an answer to your storage needs.