Cooking – It’s Not What It Used to Be

If you haven’t had to purchase an appliance lately, you may be surprised by your options. Here are just a few kitchen appliances available today:

Freestanding Ranges are perhaps the most familiar, combining surface elements and oven in one unit. These stand between two base cabinets or sometimes at the end of a line of cabinets. They are usually 30 inches wide, although narrower and wider versions are available.

Built-in Cooktops and Ovens are a good choice for more “spread out” cooking and a custom look in the kitchen. Cooktops and ovens are separate and can be installed where they fit best into the working pattern of the kitchen – this makes them especially good if you want a kitchen that is designed to accommodate two cooks at once. Some manufacturers make individual components that allow you to create separate cooking centers, or to combine different types of cooking features, such as gas, grills, or more conventional electric tops.

Drop-In and Slide-In Ranges are one-piece units designed to look built-in. Controls are at the front, so these ranges are an excellent choice for islands or peninsulas.

A Second Oven is handy for small quantities that would seem “lost” in a main oven, for baking one food while broiling another, or for increased flexibility and overall capacity.

Microwave Ovens should be included in your planning. Kitchen designers and remodelers increasingly recognize the versatility and wide use of this appliance.

Induction Cooktops look almost like a part of the countertop – they are made of a smooth, ceramic glass surface. Although they are more expensive than traditional electric or gas cooktops, they have cooking, cleaning and use advantages.

Convection Ovens have long been the choice of chefs and bakers in restaurants around the world. Now they are readily available for the American home kitchen. You can choose from electric, free-standing range models, or built-in convection ovens.

Appliances account for a good portion of your kitchen remodeling budget. It is to your advantage to learn the various types available and to choose the ones that will best suit your cooking, storage and cleaning needs.