Building Permits: When Do I Need Them?

Home construction and improvements are wonderful opportunities for homeowners to build a new structure on their land or touch up the existing structure which already stands there. These types of construction jobs come in all different sizes and varieties ranging anywhere from adding a fence to adding three additional bedrooms. One question many homeowners ask is which type of projects they actually need building permit for. The answer will depend on a few different factors and some of these will be listed in the paragraphs which follow.

Job Being Performed

One of the main things which determine whether or not a building permit is needed for the home improvement job is what type of job is being performed. Certain home improvement projects by their nature require a building permit whereas others as a general rule may not require such a permit. In order to find out if your specific home improvement job necessitates a permit, you can do one of two things. First, ask the contractor performing the work, if being completed by a professional, and they will most likely know whether or not one is needed. If there is one needed in order to start the job, they will not be able to do so until a proper permit has been applied for and issued by the city. Another option for determining whether a permit is needed for your specific home improvement job is to call the local government offices to inquire about this issue.

Location of the Home

Another factor which will determine whether or not a building permit is needed for your home improvement venture is the location of the property. Certain cities and counties will require building permits to be issued whereas others may be more lenient. In order to find out whether you need a building permit, the best thing to do is to call the city government offices, specifically the office which deals with permits and licenses.

Who Will Be Performing the Home Improvement Job?

An additional consideration to be reviewed by the homeowner relates to who will be performing the job. Certain cities will require that permits are needed when contractors complete one type of job but not when the homeowner does so on their own. Some building permit regulations will pertain only to contractor jobs and not ones instituted by the homeowner.

When In Doubt, Give Your Local Governmental Officials a Call

Checking with your local governmental officials is the best way to determine when a building permit is needed, how it can be obtained and the time frame it takes in which to do so. Contacting these individuals will ensure that you complete your home improvement job correctly and legally. It also helps to ensure that you will not be forced to take down a new structure or alter your construction in any way after the fact. Getting the go ahead from those in charge and obtaining a proper building permit when necessary is the best way to carry out your home improvement project and have it finished without any unnecessary delay.